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PostHeaderIconWelcome to Hardwood

  The company that gives you the right product which suits you best for your actual and future needs. Our offer includes high quality products, sustained by exceptional services. We understand that you are looking for competitive quality and prices and for this purpose Hardwood considers its clients on the top of its obligations. We are proud of long term relationships with clients from all over the world. And the most important thing is that you can trusted rely on us, assuring you of our prompt reply coming to meet your special order 
fab  HARDWOOD was founded in 1994 and it has a hundred per cent private capital amounting 4.000.000 USD.
The wood factory is located in Ramnicu Valcea, at 180km N-W from Bucharest, the Romanian capital. Our production is based on timber and esthetical veneer made from different traditional wood species. All the activity of HARDWOOD is coordinated by a young and dynamic staff, with a power adapted to the market requirements, carried out by skilled, motivated, well - trained and rich experienced personnel. The raw material supply market is mainly located in the log high-resource areas of Romania ( counties of Caras-Severin, Hunedoara, Sbiu, Brasov, Gorj, Arad, Covasna, Valcea, Arges etc.). The log supply is carried out by means of railway wagons trailed from the railway station, on an own industrial railroad, by a locomotive or by special log shipment trucks. The unloading is carried out by means of two rolling bridges, having a 27m opening and a 8 ton capacity, which are in the log yard endowment.
  The production activity is carried out on a platform 60,000sqm, endowed with the necessary equipment for a huigh-level production: raw materials and finished product storage houses, industrial houses, modern log conversion lines, rolling bridges, railway, engine, heat station, dryers, platforms, discharging and shipment ramps and so on. The technological flow of timber and veneer includes the following steps:
- Raw material (logs) dispatching; log reception from the quality and the quantity standpoint; log storage.
- Discharging from the trucks and from the wagons with rolling bridges of 8 ton capacity.
- Log reception and marking with plates realized by qualified personnel and stocking on the computer data base.
- Storage in packets  by groups of dimensions and qualities.
  Considerable care is taken in the selection of logs for veneer cutting according to the size and visual characteristics such as color, figure and natural character marks. Only logs of high quality are used for veneers, representing  small percentage of total cut.
  The logs are introduced in the debarking line and from here they go automatically to the band saw  for cutting timber.
  The cutting is made with a band saw, PRIMULTINI technology made in 2002, wheeler 1600. Before slicing veneers, the logs are soaked in treatment vans to soften and plasticise the wood tissues making slicing easier. The translation of the prisms for the veneer in the section for thermal treatment, in basins is made automatically by means of two transversal conveyers.
  The treatment is made in four basins, specially built up, at a specific temperature   for each kind of wood species. Perfect cleaning of the prisms and the preparation for  slicing in the basins' hall then being translated into the production hall.
Esthetical veneer is produced with a HorizontalVeneer Slicer made by ANGELO CREMONA ITALY, 4200 opening, fabrication year 2002.
The cutting methods we use ( plain, radial and tangential) are to produce different visual effects from the same wood species. Logs of the same species, cut by different methods, will produce veneers with an entirely different look. The veneer leaves are all passed through a dryer. After that the split ends are trimmed, then they are bundled and automatically recorded and tagged.