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Address:  Depozitelor nr.14
Postal Code: 240426
City: Rm.Valcea
State: Valcea
Country: Romania

Quality Management System

“HARDWOOD S.R.L.has established an Integrated Management System covering Quality Management System conforming to SR EN 9001:2015 standards, Occupational, Health and Safety Management System complying to SR EN ISO 45001:2018 , requirements and Environmental Management System conforming to OHSAS 14001:2015  standards.

 In order to implement the Integrated Management System, the company’s leadership is focused on: 

– satisfying customers’ requirements;

– seeking long-term and continuous improvement of performance and services quality;

– assuring the infrastructure and an adequate working environment and efficient and proper usage of all processes and resources necessary to achieve established goals: quality, productivity and rated capacity;

– compliance with laws in force and with environmental and health and safety requirements when performing all processes and services;

– preventing pollution and work accidents;

– increasing personnel’s awareness and responsibility concerning quality assurance, environmental protection and health and work safety;

– continuously improving efficiency and performance of all systems implemented (quality, environmental protection, occupational, health and safety);

General objectives for quality and environment:

  1. to understand and meet customers’ requirements and interests;
  2. to continuously improve products and services quality according to clients demands;
  3. apply adequate measures to reduce negative environmental impacts;
  4. to improve the activity of selective collection and administration of wastage;

General objectives for health and safety management:

  1. to avoid labour accidents;
  2. to improve labour conditions for employees.

   HARDWOOD S.R.L. leadership set general objectives which are constantly analysed in order to assure that they are up-to-date and all personnel understood its responsibility for efficient and effective functioning of the Integrated Management System.

General goals ground specific goals which are achieved through Quality Management Program, Environmental Management Program and Occupational, Health and Safety Management Program. In order to achieve specific goals material, financial and human resources are allocated.

General manager appointed the management representative to be in charge for setting, implementing, supervision and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System, and personnel compliance with the requirements of standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, BS OHSAS 45001:2018.
General Manager, Ec. BOROMIZ Gheorghe”